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The Chemius software was built because it’s time you become a champion of authoring, sharing, and managing safety data sheets.

Chemius is a more straightforward and more economical online solution for creating and managing Safety data sheets.

How do you create, update and share your chemical documentation? In PDFs? Some other time-consuming, costly software? Static (Material) Safety data sheets are boring, can’t follow legislation or composition changes, are difficult to share, and are painful to store or keep track of.

That’s why we spent four years (on top of 20 more years of experience) building a (Material) Safety Data Sheet tool that is easy to use and considers your wants and needs. You can now easily create, manage and share Safety data sheets online.



Chemius is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Creating Safety data sheets, print-ready labels, and safety instructions is an excellent option for organizations or individuals who have in-house Health, Safety, and Environment experts, know-how, and experience in creating Safety datasheets.



With Chemius, your Safety data sheets, labels, and safety instructions will always be up to date and compliant with the latest legislation.

Chemius is compliant with the following documents and regulations

  • CLP 1272/2008

  • REACH 1907/2006

  • Detergents regulation

  • Aerosols regulation

  • OSHA

  • GHS



Chemius is a web-based software which means you don’t need costly IT maintenance and back-ups installations. All you need is a connection to the internet to keep the last valid versions of SDSs, labels & safety instructions in one place and easily share them directly from Chemius – wherever you are.



The security of your data and intellectual property is our main priority. In Chemius, basic security measures and principles include:

  • The server is located in Germany in a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified data center

  • Regular updates and patching of the operating system

  • 2048 bit certificate and the 128-bit bank-grade SSL

  • Encrypted formulation data

  • Automatic login notifications

  • Annual security auditing

  • Optional formulation encryption

  • User activity analytics

  • “Privacy-first” policy

Create your first SDS in Chemius

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Chemius goes beyond SDS creation.

While other programs for the authoring of safety data sheets primarily focus on creating SDS, Chemius, in contrast, focuses on people, their organizations, and their supply chains. See how Chemius empowers you to become an SDS authoring and regulatory affairs champion.

SDS Authors (SDS authoring people)

Are you tired of old-school SDS software that got you stuck in the old ages?
Chemius is a new breed - a next-generation SDS web app developed for overburdened regulatory people. Chemius is automatic all the way: from entering data, calculating hazards, harmonizing SDS with local regulations, translations, Lab2Lab sharing, inventory tracking, state-of-the-art change tracking, reporting to authorities, and much more - Chemius has got you covered.

Single-source of truth for the entire organization.

How many times did you spend days helping your colleagues in sales, R&D, or other departments digging for regulatory information from SDSs? How much time did you spend updating and checking labels, preparing safety instructions, getting translations, and preparing various reports?
These days are over. Chemius takes care of your entire organization - everyone can work together in the same user-friendly environment and share a common, single-source-of-truth.

Your customers, partners, distributors

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of your customers and distributors? Have you asked yourself what are their regulatory obligations and how difficult it is for them to comply?
Chemius takes care of them as well - you can share your products with them, and they'll have everything they need at their fingertips.

Don’t limit yourself to Safety data sheets exclusively!
Be a Safety data sheet authoring and regulatory affairs champion!

Check out all the features that eliminate repetitive manual work so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters.