Updated Safety Instructions in hands of every team member
Updated Safety Instructions in hands of every team member
Updated Safety Instructions in hands of every team member

Updated Safety Instructions in hands of every team member

Essential safety information and instructions – always at your fingertips.


Safety data sheets are typically spread over many pages and contain all sorts of information on a respective chemical. For some users, like workers, printing entire Safety data sheets and keeping them in hardcopy at the workplace would be overkill – from an environmental and practical perspective.


Chemius automatically generates concise safety instructions, containing essential safety information for workers, directly from safety data sheets. Employees can view them on a mobile device or print them out. If printed, they take up only 2 pages. As a result, you will consume 85 % less paper compared to printing entire SDSs. Moreover, by printing less, you will help protect the environment.

Not sure how to process individual chemical categories?

You get 3 hours of regulatory support free of charge with the Enterprise account.
• Updates in real-time
• Complete chemical inventory
• Easy to use

Don’t limit yourself to SDSs exclusively!
Be an SDS authoring and regulatory affairs champion!

Check out all the features that eliminate manual repetitive work so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters.

More than 100.000 phrases

Chemius database contains of more than 100.000 phrases in 38 European languages, allowing authors to quickly and effectively create safety data sheets in seconds while controlling every aspect of the document.

Work in any language

In Chemius, a different language doesn’t mean an additional safety data sheet. Create one Safety data sheet in 38 languages at the same time.

Regulatory dashboard

Don’t waste your time mining information from safety data sheets. Let Chemius do it for you. Manage the entire chemical inventory with the help of an automatically generated dashboard of hazardous materials and hazards they pose – in real-time.

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