Nine new substances identified as SVHC and added to the Candidate list

Author of the original photo Tara Winstead from Pexels

Yesterday, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) included 9 new substances to the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC) for Authorisation under REACH. 

It includes for example the compound melamine, whose derivates are widely used as resins and foams to create common household items.

# Substance name EC number CAS number
1 1,1′-[ethane-1,2-diylbisoxy]bis[2,4,6-tribromobenzene] 253-692-3 37853-59-1
2 2,2′,6,6′-tetrabromo-4,4′-isopropylidenediphenol 201-236-9 79-94-7
3 4,4′-sulphonyldiphenol 201-250-5 80-09-1
4 Barium diboron tetraoxide 237-222-4 13701-59-2
5 Bis(2-ethylhexyl) tetrabromophthalate covering any of the individual isomers and/or combinations thereof
6 Isobutyl 4-hydroxybenzoate 224-208-8 4247-02-3
7 Melamine 203-615-4 108-78-1
8 Perfluoroheptanoic acid and its salts
9 reaction mass of 2,2,3,3,5,5,6,6-octafluoro-4-(1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropan-2-yl)morpholine and 2,2,3,3,5,5,6,6-octafluoro-4-(heptafluoropropyl)morpholine 473-390-7

Due to the scope of REACH this will affect the producers/suppliers of substances, mixtures and even articles. 

In practice, the presence of listed substances in percentage above 0,1 % w/w, will lead to further requirements for the suppliers. This may include communication down the supply chain or even SCIP notifications for affected articles.  

For example, a plastic tableware made with melamine resin, that contains more than 0,1% w/w of free melamine will now have to be notified to the SCIP (substances of concern in products) database. 

If you think your products may be affected by this change and you need some more clarification on how to proceed, just write me an e-mail to 

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