One of the most common error is not to provide consistency of the safety data sheet and label contents.

This is also one of the first elements that an inspector will verify.

He or she will simply take or ask for a product, review the label and then ask you for the safety data sheet. This is followed by the compliance check of the safety data sheet and label contents.

What can go wrong here?

Many times there is a mismatch in trade names. The trade name on the label must be identical to the trade name in the safety data sheet.

With the transition to the CLP legislation, the criteria for the chemicals classification has also changed. And if you are not careful it can quickly happen that your label is compiled based on the old safety data sheet.

You may already have the label in Slovenian, which unfortunately does not correspond to the contents of the safety data sheet. Mandatory label elements are listed in section 2.2 of the safety data sheet. Here’s a list of them: identifiers (trade name, indication of the dangerous substance), pictograms, warning word, H-sentences, P-sentences.

You have to make sure that by updating the safety data sheet you also update the label. They always have to be consistent with the safety data sheet content.

The label and safety data sheet must be written in Slovenian if the product is for example placed on Slovenia market. It often happens that, for example, dangerous substances are listed in a foreign language which is inapplicable.

If the label was prepared by the supplier and if it is not consistent with the safety data sheet, you should inform the supplier that the label is insufficient and the supplier should correct it.

And if you need a little help with that we can help.

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