Automate your processes with Chemius APIs – SDS

API stands for an application programming interface. In other words, API is the communication language that apps use to communicate with each other. 

If you want to avoid or eliminate manual work, you connect two or more applications for automated data transfer and process automation.

So, here are the supported APIs in Chemius:  

Get Safety Data Sheet API

Many companies store PDF SDSs in their ERPs or CRMs so they can send them to their customers on demand. However, considering that PDF is a static document in one language, they must find a way to manage multiple documents for a single product efficiently. More importantly, when a new version of an SDS arrives, they must update documents in their systems to keep on track. 

This way, ERPs and CRMs can quickly become stuffed with documents that are not relevant or accurate anymore.  

If you want to have linked DIGITAL safety data sheets to your ERP or CRM system, this API is the right choice. 

Chemius produces digital safety data sheets (permalinks) that can be linked directly into your ERP or CRM system. This way, you can fully automate transferring and updating SDSs in your ERP.  

If you want to learn more on how digital safety data sheets compare to old-fashioned PDFs, check our video on this topic: 

Get SDS API allows you to: 

  • Retrieve a specific SDS (Chemius permalink) to your ERP or CRM 
  • Retrieve a list of SDSs (Chemius permalinks) to your ERP or CRM (based on criteria)


This API comes in handy if you need to transfer hazard classification and labeling information from safety data sheets to your ERP, CRM, e-commerce site or any other system or external application. 

Instead of doing it manually, you can save a lot of time by implementing the API that will transfer and update your apps on a regular basis.  

The API will transfer hazard statements, precautionary statements, hazard pictograms and a signal word.  

The requirements:  

  • Your safety data sheets must be in Chemius.  
  • Your E-commerce/webshop service provider must know how to call an API. 

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